It was thickest around abandoned prairie dog burrows, and the herd moved from one to the next, grazing the vines down to the ground and leaving bare areas that reminded me of flying saucer landing zones from old science fiction movies. See all those white flowers in the green mass on the left side of the fence? 2, In Spain, in the regions of South Eastern Albacete and South Central Jaen, the flowers are sucked for their honey-like nectar. It can provide a huge amount of forage since it can spread so quickly. It’s sad that people are trying to sabotage the foraging community as amongst the false information, there is quite a lot of useful information that just isn’t in books. Flowers present June through September. And please don’t try and get reliable information from social media! ; You are pregnant, or you are a child or adolescent: Field bindweed extracts may prevent blood vessel growth, which is needed for fetal and child … My Chinese neighbor grows the bindweed in raised beds . Is it worth it? I used this research to create a method anyone can use to teach their livestock to eat weeds. The seeds will be with us for our lifetime and can germinate whether it’s hot or cold! That means that over-consumption can cause gastritis or colic in horses. Topics. I’m a gardener and consequently dig much of this up ~ nice to know it has a use. Greater bindweed may be UNSAFE due to its strong laxative effects. Hi Kathy, I often think of your articles, teach live stock to eat weeds, when walking through the pasture. I greatly appreciate what you and your contributors have taught me in a few short years. Convolvulus arvensis var. Burdock – A Foraging Guide to Its Food, Medicine and Other Uses. Roots can grow to a depth of 20 feet in the soil, but 90% of the plant’s roots are generally in the top foot of soil. By the first quarter of the twentieth century, field bindweed was proclaimed the worst weed in California and many other Western states. Borage and comfrey are classic examples of this. I’ll take Japanese Knotweed any day of the week over this stuff1 (That one is a hugely useful and delicious plant – despite bad rap in UK). Thanks for this great resource. We have fields of bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) and I won’t compost it or even take it to green waste – it’s such an invasive plant and every bit of root needs to be discarded. Sounds dramatic right? Recently a scientist from a French university contacted me. Bindweed contains several alkaloids, including pseudotropine, and lesser amounts of tropine, tropinone, and meso-cuscohygrine. It looked so bad from our accepted pasture paradigm that I nicknamed it the “garbage area.”. It just so happens that there is plenty of field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) near where I live. It is spread by animals, drainage water and machinery, as well as a contaminant of crop seed. In his recent BeefWatch piece, Gary Stone points out all the attributes that make bindweed so tough and difficult to eradicate. Edited by Thomas J. Elpel About Field Bindweed: Field bindweed is a creeping vine. Field bindweed, also known as creeping jenny, perennial morning glory, sheepbine, or just bindweed, is a creeping vine that contains toxic alkaloids. One of their favorite forages was field bindweed. One of their favorite forages was field bindweed. But a raised bed of it might be nice and easier to control. Field bindweed is difficult to manage, with very deep taproots and extensive rhizomes. Repeated cultivations, up to 25 over a period of 2-3 years, may eradicate the weed. Mowing and fire do not slow it down either. It was first recorded in Virginia in 1739. I’ve done extensive research on the internet and various social media sites and there is absolutely no literature that I can come across about the culinary uses of it! It is definitely bindweed, hedge (Calystegia sepium) rather than field that we have been eating for years, I have a couple jars of it in my fridge as we speak! Suitable commercial products are manufactured by Aidan Incorporated as C-Statin and Imm-Kine. That’s bindweed. Day after day, I followed the herd as they grazed a 500-acre pasture, near Boulder, Colorado. 6, In Poland at the end of the 19th-century young shoots were gathered and boiled, then fried with butter, cream, flour or eggs. It is common and problematic throughout North America, occurring in many agricultural and horticultural crops, ornamental landscapes, and turf. Herb: Field Bindweed Latin name: Convolvulus arvensis Family: Convolvulaceae (Morning-glory Family) Medicinal use of Field Bindweed: The root, and also a resin made from the root, is cholagogue, diuretic, laxative and strongly purgative. High seed production, long-lived seed banks, and the ability to regenerate from root fragments make control difficult. Put bindweed in your own bin and it will just have a field day. It also contains alkaloids that affect smooth muscles – those involuntary muscles in the gut and around other organs that help them do their jobs. They dined on common ragweed, wormwood sagewort, wild licorice, assorted chinopodiums, Missouri goldenrod, and more. Cultivated land, dunes, hedgerows, roadsides, short turf, wasteland. But I kid you not. Bindweed leaves have angular basal lobes. Several decades of research at Utah State University found that animals learn what to eat based on what they learn from their mothers and from their own experience with the nutritional feedback from foods. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! linearifolius. Luczaj, L. et al. It is my understanding that in Italy “wild asparagus” is usually Asparagus acutifolius. Scientific name:  Convolvulus arvensis L. Family:  Convolvulaceae (Morningglory family). I hope you’ll see, as I do, that having something so resilient could be beneficial. (2013) Wild Food Plants Used in the Villages of the Lake Vrana Nature Park (northern Dalmatia, Croatia). 1, Ace! It is a nitrate accumulator so animals need to have a variety of forages available to mix a safe diet. I haven’t tried eating it. Field Bindweed, a.k.a. At 16% protein, it is the equivalent of supplements that cattle producers are sold to increase weight gain to as much as 2.2 pounds per day. Back in 2009, I spent part of the summer as the “Jane Goodall of cows,” following a herd of 69 cows and their calves to see what they ate, and how they learned. It is a very hardy perennial broad-leafed weed that requires plenty of chemical and correct timing to have any success at control. With so much misinformation doing the rounds online. That area was almost grassless, and was covered in an assortment of weeds.

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