The metal bars inside do not clearly show how much each weighs, and what to remove to get the weight you want. Will most likely purchase the heavier option for myself! I've the fact that I can adjust the weights on each. They’re also small and portable, so I can u. Super happy with this purchase! It's so easy to change the weight. Ov, I just wasn’t sure on the weight of each of the components. I’m still playing around with how many weights to remove to g. Got these a few days ago and used them for a couple of workouts. © 2020 Well+Good LLC. I had thought I was going to have to buy 2 different sets, but these work out great. Great weights for building strength over time. These two adjustable weights will replace up to 15 sets of individual dumbbells. They are REALLY big! But once we weighed them I was able to calculate what I need for my specific exercises. Awesome wrights and simple to change amount of weights you wants to use. From what I've seen so far, I expect them to last.Will update. I'm really pleased. Very easy to remove the small piles inside to adjust the weight, Like discussed by other shoppers, the math behind the weights doesn't seem to add up (I don't have a scale, unfortunately, so I can't clarify what the. Shop now: Nice C Adjustable Weight Pair, $43 Photo: Nice C These may not look like your run-of-the-mill set of adjustable dumbbells, but that’s the good thing about them. You can adjust the weight by removing the inserts so no need for multiple weights taking up space. These are made of a silent material that won’t cause a ruckus in your home gym. There are 8 smaller weights and one large weight in each side of the barbell. I don't think they are overpriced considering all those features and that I can't find anything else like them. The specs in the written description are different from the specs in the second picture posted. It's inconvenient to adjust the weights, not something practical to do mid workout. Maybe due to the virus? Very happy with the purchase. I love my new set of weights, it is portable and easy to use. I cannot tell you how much I love this dumbbell. Although this is a very lovely looking dumbbell, yet the total weight is not as it’s claimed as 11lb. On the plus side they are comfortable while in use. An unboxing and fast evaluate of the Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair Unboxing obtainable on Amazon. Thanks for purchasing our products at operated by NiceChoice. Olympic Bar/Barbell Set . Cons . Product Title Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair, Free Weights 2-in-1 Set, Non-Slip Neoprene Hand, All-Purpose, Home, Gym, Office Average Rating: ( 0.0 ) … In fact, it’s 2 small blocks less than 11lbs. A weight rack is a staple of any gym, but it’s not typically something you’ll find inside someone’s home since most of us don’t exactly have space in our living rooms for an entire range of dumbbells. Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Pair, 5-in-1 Weight Options (4.5Lb, Blue Pair) Sold by carc_86 an eBay Marketplace seller. Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair, Free Weights 2-in-1 Set, Non-Slip Neoprene Hand, All-Purpose, Home, Gym, Office (33 Lb.) The Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Pair ($150) is a bit different from the other products on this list. If you are not satisfied with the product that you have purchased from us, you can get your money back no questions asked. Our editors independently select these products. I set my weight before whatever workout I’m going to do, as it would take time to switch it out during the workout. Very practical, Great dumbell set with many weight options, With COVID, I'm not able to go to my gym to workout so I've been looking online for weights to do at-home workouts. The weight can be adjusted from 7.2lb to 18.2lb per dumbbell. Great for home workout and ez to change weight size. Very handy so you don't need a bunch of separate dumbbells. Probably wouldn't be suitable for changing weights quickly throughout a work out, but it works for my purpose. I've used other adjustable weights which were a PITA to adjust because they involved difficult-to-remove clips etc. Easy to change weight - easy to carry - Modern, Nice looking! Great option to purchasing typical weights. Unfortunately they keep getting stuck and opening to change the pieces sometimes requires getting them into h, Good option for multiple weights in one. I haven't weighted them but I think you can definitely make more weight combinations than they listed. The smooth neoprene grip is nice, but the middle part where you grip the weight is way too thick. Easy to change out the weights so it makes for an economical purchase. I do find their length a little. I love that I am able to select the weight I want without having a cluster of weights. I have been super happy with them, and wish I could get them in higher weights, too! MULTI-WEIGHT SETTING: The dumbbell alone weighs 2.3 lbs. In order for the sides to be even, you must add them equally on each side. The ends of the weights are easy to loosen and tighten, which makes adjusting the weight amount super easy. Also I'm not sure if I j. I bought them because I wanted to start out with a really light weight and work up to a slightly heavier weight withou. It can also help strengthen your upper body or core. The design is so smart. Delivery came on the date they said it would. You save on space too. Weight bars are included to allow you to adjust the weight of your dumbbell. I’m still playing around with how many weights to remove to get the weight I want but it’s not terrible. They are easy to adjust, ends screw off easily, don't mark up the wood floor, don't roll, and the large ones are just right to hold. Don’t understand why the seller couldn’t be more honest. Sure beats using a can of tomatoes! Perfect set of dumb bells for in home workouts. There are 4 weight blocks total for each dumbbell. I like being able to add and remove weight so simply.Nice feel. I love that I can easily adjust the weight so I can exercise multiple parts of my body. This 15-Minute Core-Back Sweat Sesh Is All That You Need to Do Today, Olive Oil Isn’t the Only Heart-Healthy Pantry Staple—Pumpkin Seed Oil Boosts Cardiovascular Health, Too. Product arrived with some wear and tear that made it look refurbished or preowned, but it works really well still. I can get my cardio and strength training in with these and a yoga mat. Nice C Adjustable Dumbbells. These weights are enclosed so they feel so much safer and they don't rattle either but if it does I will stuff a fabric scrap in the end to pad it. An adjustable dumbbell that uses a clamp system requires you to slide the weights onto the bar manually. Fairly easy to add/remove weight. Can purchase pair of weights from 40 pounds to 190 pounds. It’s space saving. Would be fine if you want a specific weight for a long period of time. These dumbbells can be used to sculpt your arms or tone your back. I seriously love your blog.. Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Set . The Nice C set comes in five weight options — 22 pounds, 33 pounds, 44 pounds, 55 pounds, and 66 pounds. It’s then really easy to adjust for each exercise and the weights take up much less room for storage, A great purchase for keeping fit while doing social distancing, These are the perfect weights for at home workouts especially in current situation.

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