That’s crazy talk, you’re in track shoes not ice skates and we’re outside for god’s sake. Diesler) Somehow, I'm playing your blues I believe, with a little bit of attitude. I struggled so much I ended up quitting my 2nd year of 9th grade. It’s having so low self esteem that you try hard not to hate yourself for your family or play victim or pity so you cry or hide or stuff it all. Everyday things that others with no interest in them can manage with so much ease: writing a post on a topic close to your heart, finishing that book parts of which you really liked but the boring bits of which you could not stick with long enough, being able to actually brush your teeth at the end of a six hour period of binge surfing where your mind decided to hijack you for a blind ride around the web. I got to let some of it out before it kills me. Very accurate young woman! “Maybe I should start taking medication again.” Ever used an old Macbook with an outdated operating system and tried opening more than one application at a time? I wonder what I would have achieved with a diagnosis before 46. etc…. He says it’s just an excuse I use and it’s futile to try and explain that there’s this bird cage you see … and I’m trapped inside. With all the smoke has my car shifted to the right or to the left caused by the excessively fast spinning tires. Sometimes, I feel like a wet puzzle piece in society; Like I’m apart of this bigger picture but i just don’t fit quite right. Your children really will never remember that the house was spotless and the ironing neatly folded. I begg for non ADHD people to understand what it feels like trapped in a brain that didn’t stop! Once it gets down to 10 minutes left I could never focus because I was so focused on the ticking time. Ashwagandha was helpful with anxiety, though, and I still occasionally take it (increases GABA and reduces cortisol). Then in Dec tested for ADD. I am unable to focus on each step so I’m doomed to slip and crash. Might be best to get a reference from someone you know who has children with ADHD or has a similar experience. On good days i can focus my willpower into intense bursts to concentrate on something. I spend half my time looking for things I’ve misplaced or put in a “safe” place. It’s like clearing brain RAM. There’s also a significantly larger amount of semen. OH MY GOODNESS!! As I look around my room, I see the lab report I made for twelfth grade biology. Well, at least I have to say I did love my job for many years, until they thought that they had to destroy my credibility. The thing that helps me most is adrenaline. Focusing on and finishing the unfun things – I will drag my feet on finishing or starting things I’m not interested in. In fact, it’s worse with people I’m close with, because I feel a heightened responsibility to receive everything they’re saying. it’ll be kinda hard explaining what it’s like for me because i suffer of adhd & often have a bad time explaining & staying on one topic. It’s trying to get over yourself and Suck it up buttercup. (Just stared into space for 3 minutes.) That’s what ADHD feels like to me. That I will go on waiting and hoping until finally there is simply no life left to welcome. Like watching a tv when someone else has the remote and is flipping thru all the channels. Hyper-focusing has its perks, as I seem to actually get things done for a change. It was important. I try my hardest to get into that thought. That wouldnt be so bad if that was the only problem. Having ADD is feeling like there is a blade swinging over your head all the time, you know you or forgetting something and dread the blade dropping lower and lower until something bad happens. – “Of course not, you can if you want, but don’t feel the pressure to entertain anyone. I’ve had a very large number of people that were my superiors, claim the credit for most all of the things that I would accomplish, and they would get promoted. I’ll ask him if there is anything I can do to help. I’ve pasted a link to a Russell Barkley YouTube video below that I would highly recommend watching. ADD or ADHD can be very lonely. I can never learn from mistakes. Aaaand there are the days where my hands and feet are bound up by thouts i know are shit but in bed i stay…. They think you simply refuse to step forward, because they don’t see the barrier between you. One huge benefit is that I used to have an explosive temper with people, but with my years of meditation, that is all gone. These little vignettes are great – they don’t all fit my experience, but some of them really resonate! It’s not like I don’t enjoy it, I just enjoy other things more or forget about my school stuff. I rose above myself. A year after my son was diagnosed, I found myself putting the milk away -in the cupboard, & that’s when the lightbulb turned on. I took some of the tests online, and I have so many of the symptoms. Are hard for me, if I’m already doing something and have to put it off till later 9 times out of 10 I forget about it. No I am not clever… I’m here, losing my mind because I cant focus on my work. Papers are flying everywhere, everyone is in a panic and even one SpongeBob is on fire. @Take me there Do You Know What It Feels Like For A Girl is best in online store. So we deal with whatever is frustrating us (even if it makes ZERO sense that it would be annoying at all…admittedly) in a way that, while effective for us, may not be best for those around us (or even ourselves). This is me as well. An email pops into my inbox. Sometimes I feel like the rpm’s in my “engine” were revved way higher than I’m actually needing to travel and I should just stop and take a breath before I try to speak so I’m not slurring my words or typing something so rediculously wrong thwatni have to send 3 more more texts to correct all the mistakes, why can’t spell check think better, I can’t understand why it can’t come up with a logical word for my misprint?? To bad that nobody else ever wanted to see that. Imagine that happening every day no matter what you are doing and tell me again why you think I didn’t finish the test in class. Sure. asleep in less than an hour when it usually takes longer. there's been heartache and pain I don't know if I can face it again I cant stop now, Ive traveled so far To change this lonely life!.!.!.!. Like when it comes to reading or something, people can usually do it, I just don’t have the mental capacity to do it. At work things seem to take me longer to finish or I’m distracted by things people talk about in my office so I’m doing my work but have 4 or 5 different things going on in my head. Info/Data overload…ugh. This makes me not want to take the time to take a shower, brush my teeth, etc as it’s keeping me from the next thing in my brain. The social contract isn’t working. I know people that have told me about ADHD and how I might possibly have it, but I’ve never looked for help. I was told on several occasions that I would never make it in life, college was out of the question and I should be grateful I was attractive. I Want To Know What Love Is. I can totally relate to Dori from the Disney movie Nemo, most of the time not instantaneous forgetfulness. Hi Kathy . One day my car will break down and I’ll be stranded and left behind. I really need to get things done, but I am locked in. I want to be good and calm and normal. For me, it was a mission. Maybe a technical school that teaches audio production. I just wish my family understood what I am going through and how hard it is for me to do everyday tasks I feel they think I am just scatter brained. another person takes the word, but now i remember what i had to say, should i just say it now? My ex used to get mad and call me lazy because i forgot to mow the grass or fix that thing i forgot even needed fixing a week ago. I’m a massive procrastinator, and I will often put off assignments until the last possible second.

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